Top Dentists in Boston Magazine

2022 Boston magazine Top Dentists award

We’re so pleased to announce that Dental Partners of Boston has been awarded Top Dentist in Boston Magazine for another year in a row.

The selection for Top Dentists is through a voting process. Thousands of dentists and specialists help determine who belongs on this list. The pool consists of dentists listed with the American Dental Association, other local dental societies, and are in good standing with active licenses. Voters who are familiar with the work of the doctors are asked to evaluate each nominee and consider a variety of factors. These factors include the number of years of experience, continuing education, patients interactions, use of new technologies, techniques, and most importantly, the results they provide for their patients.

We are proud to be listed with the other practitioners included on this list. There is a great amount of talent in the field of dentistry and we thank our fellow dentists who have acknowledged our passion for dentistry to provide the best care possible for every patient.

More significant is the gratitude we feel for our patients. We thank the people who put their trust in our abilities to improve their oral health, whole-body health, quality of life, and self-confidence that comes with having a beautiful and healthy smile. Our greatest joy is to see our patients flourishing.

We would like you to meet the dentists here at Dental Partners of Boston who have all been named Top Dentists. Each is dedicated to their profession and the difference it makes in their patients’ lives.

Dental Partners of Boston Top Dentists

Dr. Jose Rivera-Zayas

Dr. Jose Rivera-Zayas

Dr. Nuisha Nikkholgh

Dr. Nuisha Nikkholgh

Dr. Mani Moulazadeh

Dr. Mani Moulazadeh

A Variety of Skills and Dental Specialists in One Practice

Having a variety of skills and services in one practice means the needs of every patient are seen from more than one dentist’s perspective. The doctors give each other second options, recommendations, insights, and experience based on their own specialty. This way, every patient receives a customized treatment plan with predictable results. Our team approach and remarkable services are what set us apart from other practices. We have the means to address any dental condition—gum health, TMJ, misaligned teeth, cosmetic issues, and so forth.


Dr. Yael Frydman is our orthodontist in Boston at DPB. If you want a straighter smile or have an overbite or underbite, orthodontics will address those needs. Dr. Frydman may recommend braces or Invisalign, which is a less conspicuous way to bring teeth into alignment. Set up a consultation with her to see if it’s a good solution for you.


Our prosthodontists are Drs. O’Toole, S. Kumachi, K. Kumachi, Park, Lau, Rivera-Zayas, and Kim. Practicing prosthodontics requires an additional three years of schooling. These doctors are focused on the design, development, and fitting of tooth replacement options. Their goals include restoring function, health, and appearance to your chewing surfaces and visible smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are searching for a Boston cosmetic dentist to improve the look of your smile, there are many solutions our cosmetic dentists offer. Some of our services include teeth whitening, dental veneers, or even a Full Smile Makeover.


Dr. Sergio Guzman is one of our periodontists who helps patients with gum disease to restore their oral health. As, one of the best periodontists in Boston, Dr. Guzman will diagnose when gum tissue is infected and take steps to help you heal. Gum disease means that the risk of losing teeth is high. It is the main cause of tooth loss in adults. Our periodontists try to find alternative solutions before considering dental implants or dentures because keeping your natural teeth if possible is the best option.

We have several restorative dentists to restore any damage to your teeth. They provide comprehensive care for the most common oral health problems and work with other specialists when needed to restore dental health. Many restorative services overlap. For example, cosmetic dentistry sometimes includes dental implants or dentures to restore a smile.


Endodontic services are provided by doctors that have completed extra training. Sometimes called root canal dentists, they focus on diagnosing and caring for complex tooth problems that primarily affect the inside of teeth or the tooth pulp. Tooth decay or a cracked tooth can lead to pulpitis, for example, which often causes severe dental pain. Whenever possible, endodontists save the natural tooth while relieving pain and eradicating infection. If you are in pain, call us for an appointment as soon as possible.

Thank You To All of Our Team Members

We can’t overlook thanking our wonderfully supportive clinical and administrative teams. They make so much difference in how our office operates and meets the needs of our patients. They work hard and we appreciate their passion to make all three of our locations (Prudential Center, Charles River, and Fort Point) welcoming. Our clinical and administrative teams answer many questions and fill their roles admirably. We feel blessed to have so many good people as part of the team.

All of our services are provided by our amazing team of top dentists in Boston. Because of our team, we can help our patients return to their normal lives having received the exact care that they need. As always, our end goal is to send you out into the world with a beautiful healthy smile. Please contact us to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to meeting you!

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