Why Go to A Periodontist for The Pinhole Surgical Technique

3D rendering of Chao Pinhole TechniqueWho Is Qualified to Treat Gum Recession?

Dental Partners of Boston’s highly experienced and expert periodontist, Dr. Guzman, can treat gum recession without the need for a scalpel or sutures. Periodontists are uniquely qualified to perform gum recession treatment with their extensive additional education and training. By utilizing the Pinhole® Surgical Technique, Dr. Guzman is able to treat moderate to severe gum recession in the Boston area with incredible success. This surgical technique also minimizes bone loss while simultaneously preserving more of your original smile, and reduce post-operative stress.

What Is The Pinhole Surgical Technique?

The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique is a breakthrough procedure to eliminate gum recession as a result of gum disease. Gum recession may occur as a result of many factors, including periodontal disease, tobacco use, hormonal changes, genetic susceptibility, insufficient dental care, or overly aggressive brushing. These factors can all cause the gum tissues to recede, exposing more of the tooth structure and tooth root.

Receding gums can lead to gaps or “pockets” forming between the teeth and the gums. Consequently, these pockets make it easy for disease-causing bacteria to accumulate and affect the teeth and gums. Without proper treatment, gum recession can result in severe damage to the tissues and bone. It may even lead to tooth loss. To prevent severe consequences and to keep your smile healthy, our dentists may recommend the Pinhole Surgical Technique.

What Is Revolutionary About The Pinhole Technique?

What makes the Pinhole Surgical Technique a breakthrough procedure is its ability to treat gum recession without scalpels and sutures. A periodontist will create a small hole and use a special tool to loosen the gum tissue so it can pull over the exposed tooth.

The traditional method for correcting gum recession involves cutting the gums and stitching them back up. Because the Pinhole Surgical Technique involves neither, both the procedure and the recovery are far more straightforward and comfortable. The Pinhole Surgical Technique also provides an immediate cosmetic improvement, allowing you to leave the office with a better gum-line!

Make An Appointment Today!

If you have gum recession, you are likely a candidate for the pinhole surgical technique. Suitable candidates are also dedicated to ongoing dental care, such as brushing, flossing, attending dental appointments regularly. Avoid gum-eroding activities like aggressive brushing.

The best way to find out whether or not the Pinhole Surgical Technique could benefit your oral health is to make an appointment with the Dental Partners of Boston. During your consultation, Dr. Guzman can talk with you about the benefits of pinhole surgery, whether or not you are a good candidate, the benefit to you, and other restorative dentistry techniques he could use to improve your smile.

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