Cure Bad Breath with Adult Orthodontic Care

Woman with bad breath covering her mouth

Braces are one of the most common orthodontic treatments used to straighten teeth, but they do help with another issue, bad breath. The American Dental Association (ADA) conducted a survey and found that 50 percent of the US population has bad breath. The large majority of individuals with bad breath often find that bad breath is caused by the oral cavity. How can braces assist in curing bad breath?

Braces Close Gaps and Reduce Smell

While many people turn to braces to improve the look of their smile, braces serve another purpose, moving teeth closer to prevent food from getting trapped in the gaps. Gaps between teeth will trap food, this food then becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to start multiplying. Bacteria will cause bad breath, and the smell can continue until it is removed. Closing spaces between the teeth can aid in reducing bad breath.

Battling Bad Breath with Braces

There are moments when individuals wearing braces can experience bad breath problems often due to dry mouth or improper brushing procedures. Learning to care for braces is the best thing you can do to aid in reducing bad breath woes. At Dental Partners of Boston, we recommend the following tips to care for your braces and reduce bad breath issues:

  • Brush and floss daily – Flossing is essential to remove food that is trapped between teeth. Use a floss threader to gently move the floss between the teeth and around the brackets of the braces.
  • Use mouthwash – Another way to reduce bad breath is by using mouthwash daily. Mouthwash helps to remove bacteria trapped around the brackets, between the teeth, and under the gums. Rinsing with mouthwash is a great way to remove trapped food particles and remove bacteria.
  • Sugar-free mints – To reduce the smell, use sugar-free mints periodically throughout the day. Mints help to generate saliva in the mouth, which helps to wash bacteria out of the mouth. Always suck on mints to prevent damage to the teeth and to the braces.
  • Visit the dentist – Do not neglect dental visits for regular cleanings and examinations. Cleanings help to remove bacteria that can become trapped near the gums. Dental cleanings and examinations also check for alternative issues that could be causing bad breath.

Our experienced dental team in Boston provides adult orthodontics for a variety of patients. No matter what your situation may be, Dental Partners of Boston can help! Contact our office to make an appointment to learn more information on braces and other orthodontic treatments.

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