Get To Know Your Teeth A Little Better

WE USE OUR TEETH EVERY DAY when we eat, when we smile, and when we speak. We also spend considerable time cleaning our teeth and making sure they stay strong and healthy. Our teeth are very important to all of us… but do we actually know what our teeth are?

Our Teeth Are Made Up Of 4 Different Parts

1. Enamel

    Enamel is the white substance on the outside of our teeth. It is made of calcium phosphate and is the hardest substance in our body.

2. Dentin

    This is the largest part of the tooth. It is made of living cells that create a hard mineral substance. If you’re suffering tooth decay, you probably won’t feel it until it hits your dentin layer.

3. Pulp

    This is where all the tooth’s blood vessels and nerve endings are. The pulp is soft and can be very painful if decay reaches to this third layer.

4. Cementum

    Cementum is the connective tissue that keeps the tooth firmly placed within the gums by covering the tooth’s roots.

Keep Your Teeth Clean & Healthy

Once the cavities and decay reach that layer of dentin, your mouth can feel a lot of pain. Taking care of your teeth is very important to prevent this pain.

Brushing your teeth twice a day for about 2 minutes each time will keep your enamel clean and strong, preventing decay and therefore, pain. Regular flossing will also keep all the layers of your teeth healthy and pain free.

Please come see us or contact us if you are interested in understanding your teeth better!

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