Laser Gum Treatment in Boston

No scalpels, no sutures Laser Gum Surgery is a newer treatment approved in 2004 for the correction of advanced cases of gum disease that may not be readily treatable with other methods. Dr. Sergio Guzman, a Boston Periodontist, has been certified in the procedure and will help you determine the best treatment for your current periodontal condition.

Old to New

When gum disease takes root and advances through your gums, the pockets around each tooth deepen. Due to irritation and infection, the gums separate from the teeth. This separation opens space for an increase in the bacterial population, accelerating growth.

In decades past, the most common method for treating gum disease was a procedure called periodontal flap surgery. The goal was to cut away diseased tissue and give your gums a chance to heal without the interference of an infection. It was a valid method, but it did have its limitations, including the need to cut and suture the gum tissue. This leads to slower recovery times and a more prolonged overall process. LANAP is different than traditional surgical procedures due to a specialized surgical laser.

How LANAP Works

To complete the LANAP procedure, one of our trained and certified Boston periodontists uses a specialized PerioLase MVP-7 laser to remove infected gum surface tissue that has separated from the tooth roots. The doctor then removes calculus deposits from the exposed root surface with an ultrasonic scaler and ensures a second pass with the laser kills all bacteria. Once freed from infection, your healthy gum tissue can then begin to heal and regenerate. The result is a robust gum line and a much-improved prognosis for keeping your teeth for years to come.

Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment

In treating periodontal disease, LANAP provides options for saving teeth that otherwise would be lost to infection. It offers many advantages over the traditional approach, including:

  • No cutting or stitches
  • Start to finish treatment in one visit
  • Shorter post-op recovery
  • More gum tissue retained than in conventional gum surgery
  • Minimized long-term sensitivity
  • Promotion of bone regeneration without a graft
  • The high success rate for treating periodontal disease
  • Affordable compared to traditional treatment

Schedule a Consultation Today

Laser periodontal treatment offers new hope for patients who thought their periodontal health was a lost cause. With this procedure, Dr. Guzman can repair gums and save teeth other dentists would see only as a case for dentures. The benefits of the method extend to anyone with advanced periodontal disease. Dr. Guzman at Dental Partners of Boston is among just a few periodontists who are trained to perform this innovative procedure.

To learn whether LANAP is right for you, contact our office by phone or online to schedule an exam. Dr. Guzman will examine your gums and discuss with you the best options for your mouth. Even if LANAP is not for you, we can offer treatment options and advice to return your mouth to full health. Schedule an appointment today to begin the healing process for your gums.

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