National Smile Month: Take care of your smile!

Happy National Smile Month! A group of people smiling in a building

There’s something simple you likely do every single day, and it’s something so natural and ingrained that you may be doing it more than 1800 times a month: it’s smiling! June is National Smile Month, which is why our best dentist team at the Dental Partners of Boston wants to talk to you about your pearly whites. Read on for tips on how to clean your smile, how to protect it from damage and decay, and how to give yourself a grin you’ll love to show off.

The Brush is a Must

With our busy lifestyles and the demands of work, home, and family, sometimes those morning-and-evening habits can fall by the wayside. Consider this a friendly reminder that brushing your teeth twice a day is very important! First thing in the morning helps banish morning breath – caused by smelly bacteria that love to wreak havoc on your dental enamel. Repeating the process just before bed ensures that your mouth is clean and healthy as you snooze, with no room for decay to make itself at home.

Tip: Use fluoride toothpaste and at least two solid minutes of brushing to make the most out of this fantastic smile-supporting habit!

Don’t Toss that Floss

Many patients hesitate or put off regular flossing because they find the process to be uncomfortable – thankfully, it just takes a slight technique adjustment to make flossing as easy as brushing. Don’t be afraid to use tools. Using items like floss picks or a water jet flossing device will preserve those tender fingertips while getting your smile squeaky clean.

Tip: To keep up with your flossing, make it easier on yourself to get it done. Always keep floss picks in the car, in a purse or wallet, or on a bedside table. They’re perfect for keeping your smile tidy after dinner, and mint-flavored versions are even available to freshen your breath.

Sack the Sugary Foods and Drinks

Easier said than done for some, but sugar-heavy snacks and drinks can do a real number on your dental health over time. Enjoy these treats sparingly, and rinse – or, ideally, brush – your teeth after having them. This limits the ability of that acidic sugar to harm your enamel and tooth health.

Tip: Stick to water and low-or-no sugar food and drinks before bed, but if you can’t resist, make sure to chow down before your nightly brushing routine.

Give Your Dentist a Smile

Specifically, your smile! Regular checkups are the best way to avoid dental difficulties down the line. At the Dental Partners of Boston, our team can help you keep your teeth in tip-top shape, too! We’re here to answer all the questions you have and offer solutions, tips, and guidance for keeping your smile bright and white, as well as regular cleanings and examinations.

This National Smile Month, it’s your time to shine! If you want to put your best face forward, start with your teeth and a call to schedule an appointment with our friendly team at Dental Partners of Boston.

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