Get The Rest You Need, Invest In A Snore Guard

A woman kept away by her snoring partner.

ARE YOU FED UP with not getting enough sleep at night? Or maybe it’s your partner constantly keeping you awake with their snoring? It may be time to invest in a snore guard.

At Dental Partners of Boston, we take snoring very seriously. Snoring may seem harmless but it can contribute to much worse health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

What Is A Snore Guard?

A snore guard is a device that goes into your mouth to help prevent snoring throughout the night. It looks a lot like an athletic mouth guard and is fitted to your teeth to hold your lower jaw forward. Our snore guards are small and flexible. There are no hoses or tubes to get in the way of your comfortable sleep.

You Can Be Quickly And Easily Fitted For A Snore Guard

The concept is simple. Just schedule a time to get fitted for a snore guard. There is no lab work or x-ray needed. This device is designed to keep the tongue and jaw from falling backward and obstructing your airway, making it easier to breathe.

It’s Time For You To Have A Better Night’s Sleep

More than 40% of men and 25% of women snore while they sleep. We pride ourselves on helping you finally get that good night’s rest you need.

Contact us to get fit with your snore guard and to get answers to your questions.

Thanks for being a valued part of our practice. We appreciate you!

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