Common Questions about the Pinhole Surgical Technique

When you think about healthy gums, be sure and consider the gum line and how to use the proper techniques to keep it from receding. However, when gums recede or when gum disease takes hold, your Boston Periodontist, Dr. Guzman, is an expert with The Pinhole Surgical Technique or PST™ and can help restore a healthy gum line to your smile. Let’s answer a few questions to help you decide if the pinhole technique is right for you.

What Is The Pinhole Surgical Technique?

Let’s learn from Dr. John Chao who invented this procedure and taught it to Dr. Gusman. The pinhole surgical technique was developed to help restore gum lines by rearranging the existing gum tissue through a hole the size of a pin. A tiny instrument is used to push healthy and newer gum tissue down toward the teeth.

Is Gum Recession That Serious?

If your gums recede too far, the sensitive part of the tooth begins to be exposed. This leads to discomfort at first but also can lead to tooth decay or gum decay. The risk of much more serious problems along your gum line and the roots of your teeth increases significantly!

What’s The Process?

A very small needle is used to make a tiny hole in the gums near the damage. Special instruments are then used to loosen some of the surrounding tissue, rearranging it to cover some exposed areas of the tooth. What makes this technique so appealing and effective is its lack of being as invasive as traditional gum grafting. No incisions and no sutures are needed! With no open wounds, discomfort and recovery are minimal, but each patient is different and directions from your dentist should be followed.

What’s The Recovery Time?

The time it takes for the procedure itself depends on the number of places that need the technique, but generally, it takes between one and two hours for a procedure. Recovery time will be determined by Dr. Guzman but is usually minimal. As far as the effects of the procedure, it should last as long as it is well taken care of. With good oral hygiene, the results can last many years!

Will PST™ Cure My Gum Disease?

No, but it can give you a healthier gum line. The gum disease must be treated beforehand.

Are There Risks?

There is no more risk with The Pinhole Surgical Technique than any other simple dental procedure.

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