What is Dental Botox?

Dental Botox is a procedure used in cosmetic dentistry where injections are made into various muscles around the mouth in order to improve your smile. This is done by relaxing frown lines or lowering top lips to cover more of your gums to avoid a “gummy smile”. This has transformed and improved cosmetic dentistry in Boston in many ways, however, Botox is no longer just for cosmetic reasons, it has also been proven useful in treating a variety of non-cosmetic symptoms including tension headaches, chronic orofacial pain, and TMJ.  

Tension Headaches: Headaches caused by the contraction of muscles in the face can be extremely painful and difficult to ease. Our treatments work by creating a partial paralysis of those muscles which contract and cause pain, with the muscles relaxed the tension dissipates and the headache pain is eased.

Chronic Orofacial Pain: How dental Botox treatments work to treat chronic orofacial pain is by numbing the neurotransmitters that inform your brain that the body is in pain. By doing this it stops those transmitters from sending that alarm to your brain and thus easing the pain.

TMJ: TMJ can be caused by the unconscious grinding of teeth and can lead to many symptoms that cause major discomfort. To treat these symptoms, we inject the treatment into the muscles that contribute to the grinding of teeth, causing the muscles to relax. With our dental Botox treatments, patients experience relief as soon as a few days after the treatment.

Risks: There are minimal risks involved with our dental Botox treatments including a dry mouth, drooping or swollen eyelids, blurred vision, or allergic reactions. In order to avoid these side effects, make sure that there are no infections in or around your mouth before coming in for a treatment, provide a full medical history to your doctor and treatment specialist. Also, be wary of receiving treatments if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or if you have a history of MLS or other muscle or nerve conditions as these may create complications with the treatment.

We at the Dental Partners of Boston are dedicated to helping you to ease the pain caused by tension headaches, chronic orofacial pain, TMJ, and other complications. Our procedure is safe and has a high satisfaction level with those who have received treatments. Our dental Botox treatment may be right for you, contact us at the Dental Partners of Boston to schedule an appointment for a dental Botox treatment today.

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