Why Should I Go to a Specialist for Dental Implants?

Close up of a woman's smile with perfect teeth. Dental Implants can bring you a new smile.Patients should be cautious when considering hiring a dentist for dental implants.

At Dental Partners of Boston, our dental implant specialists have years of experience. After graduating as dentists, our specialists each attended an additional three to four years in a hospital-based residency program. In other words, our periodontist, Dr. Guzman, has received formal training and education – including in surgery and anesthesia – significantly greater than a general dentist. Specialists with this type of training are the only surgical specialists recognized by the American Dental Association.

Seek a Qualified Dental Implants Specialist

Patients should take caution when searching for dental implant services because it is technically legal for a dentist to perform this type of surgery. If a patient is not careful, he or she could have an undertrained dentist perform this service. The dentist, however, is sometimes unprepared for the risks and complications that could arise. When hiring a general dentist instead of a dental implant specialist, patients run the risk of subpar standards of service. This sometimes results in misdiagnosis, painful surgery, and surgical complications.

Often, dentists take an abbreviated surgical training course that lasts from one to three days. If this is the case, the dentist certainly hasn’t been prepared to predict, diagnose, and treat potential complications.

Why Dental Partners of Boston

On the other hand, our Boston dental implant specialists keep patients in safe hands. During our doctor’s three to four years of residency training, a substantial focus was anticipating, diagnosing, and treating complications. During their programs, our specialists routinely treated complex cases often never seen in private practice. This level of expertise ensures safety and quality.

A 3D rendering of dental ImplantsWhen performed by the right person, dental implants are very successful, and complications are rare. However, if there is ever a surgical complication, the experience of a dental implant specialist provides a level of safety and comfort. A regular dentist with far less training and experience could not provide that same level of safety.

Important Questions to Ask

Often, a general dentist will recommend receiving dental implants. If this is the case, patients should make sure they receive service from a dental implant specialist. Here are some questions to find answers to about your dentist first:

  • The number of months or years they have been placing implants?
  • How many implants do they place per year?
  • Their training courses
  • Certifications for dental implants specifically

While these are good questions for identifying a dental professional, you can know you are in safe hands with the Dental Partners of Boston.  If you are considering dental implants, schedule an appointment with us today!

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