How To Care For Your Baby’s Teeth

A baby with a tooth brush. Caption: Follow these tips to keep your child's smile healthy.

YOUR BABY’S TEETH MIGHT BE small, but they play an important role in the development of your child’s mouth. Baby teeth help a child talk, eat, and act as placeholders for the adult teeth that come in later.

Here at Dental Partners of Boston, we care about your whole family’s dental health. Follow these tips to keep your baby’s teeth healthy and strong.

Tips For Babies

We suggest that babies visit the dentist by the age of one. This helps them get used to the dentist and sets a pattern of preventative dentistry, rather than restorative care. It’s also a great chance for parents to learn how best to care for their child’s teeth. Here are a few pointers to help you and your baby:

  • Don’t let your baby fall asleep with a bottle full of juice or milk. It can pool in his or her mouth and coat teeth, which can lead to decay, even before teeth have appeared!
  • Start brushing with an extra soft toothbrush as soon as your baby gets a tooth.
  • Before teeth appear, wipe the gums with a warm cloth or piece of gauze. This will help promote healthy gums and protect baby teeth as they come in.

Tips For Toddlers

Here are a few tips to keep your toddler’s teeth in good shape:

  • Brush their teeth twice a day.
  • Have them drink a glass of water after eating. This will help rinse away any leftover food, sugar, or acid from the meal.
  • Make sure their dental visits feel safe and fun.

If you have any questions about your baby’s dental health, give us a call or make an appointment today.

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