Pinhole Surgery; A Solution for Receeding Gums

When you look at your smile, are your gums neatly lining the crowns of your teeth? If they have started to pull back, you might be suffering from the early stages of gum recession, which is when the gum tissue recedes from the natural gum line. Caused by everything from aggressive brushing and certain medications to dental trauma and simple genetics, gum recession is exceptionally common, and causes several serious problems with the health of your teeth.   

Issues With Gum Recession

Your gums have several important roles in the oral cavity, but their primary responsibility is supporting the teeth and protecting your dental roots from oral bacteria. Unfortunately, when the gum tissue starts to recede, the teeth can become loose, and the area around the tooth can be attacked by these bacteria. Eventually, these bacteria can even attack the periodontal ligament, causing the teeth to fall out.

Gum recession also makes the smile look older, since the dental roots aren’t covered by natural white enamel. Additionally, since dental enamel protects your teeth from decay, recession paves the way for cavities along the dental roots, which aren’t as protected.

Pinhole Surgery: An Effective, Long-Lasting Solution

Pinhole Surgical Technique Certified Boston Dentist
In the old days, the only way to repair gum recession was through a complex and invasive surgery called gum grafting. During this procedure, a flap was cut into the gum tissue around the exposed areas, and then a graft harvested from another part of the mouth was sewn into place. Although gum grafting is still used today, the procedure can be time intensive and require a long recovery, which is why the pinhole surgery technique, which we provide for all of Boston, is so helpful.

During pinhole surgery, a very small incision, about the size of a pinhole, is made in the gum tissue above the affected teeth. Next, Dr. Guzman uses specialized tools to gently push down the gum tissue to cover the exposure, and tiny collagen strips are inserted into the tunnel to keep the tissue in place. The procedure is minimally invasive, fast, and incredibly effective, with patients enjoying beautiful results immediately.

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If you are living with gum recession, make an appointment with Dental Partners of Boston today to talk about your options. Pinhole surgery is an excellent choice for the majority of patients, as multiple teeth can be treated simultaneously and the recovery is incredibly simple.  

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