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What Is Dental Cleaning?

Dental cleaning is the process of removing harmful buildup to leave the surface of your teeth smooth and healthy. Our dental cleanings include tartar removal, plaque removal, teeth polishing, and home care instructions.

Good oral hygiene is extremely important for your health. Dental Partners of Boston recommends that our patients schedule regular professional dental cleanings. Our friendly team, comfortable environment, and exceptional professional care make us one of the best dental practices in Boston.

Why Choose Us

We are a group of award-winning dentists that covers a full range of specialties.

Our dynamic team approach guarantees you the very best care we have to offer.

We are all committed to excellence and exceeding the expectations of our patients.

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I wanted to come back for a wisdom tooth extraction and was extremely satisfied with the level of care and timeliness for the tooth extraction. Additionally, Dr. Guzman was very responsive and attentive when I had questions over the weekend.

Noelle E.
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Is Dental Cleaning Necessary?

Tartar and plaque inevitably build up on teeth over time. If plaque and tartar accumulate for an extended period, it allows for dangerous bacteria to grow and flourish next to the gums. This can cause lasting damage like cavities or gum disease.

Dental cleanings are right for nearly everyone. If you are apprehensive about getting a dental cleaning, please speak to one of our trained dentists about your worries. Our team is trained to help ease your concerns and provide a supportive environment to ensure each patient receives the oral health care they need.

Benefits of A Dental Cleaning

A dental cleaning provides the following benefits:

  • Helps prevent gum disease
  • Discourages bacterial accumulation and promotes systemic health
  • Leaves the teeth clean and smooth
  • Reveals problem areas that need more attention during daily oral hygiene

How Is Dental Cleaning Performed?

One of our dentists or hygienists performs a dental cleaning using several instruments that remove the tartar and plaque on the teeth. We sometimes use ultrasonic instruments to loosen larger pieces of tartar and wash away any debris with water.

After the removal of the larger pieces, our dentists use a set of finer hand tools to remove any remaining deposits on the teeth. The last steps include a polishing tool followed by an application of fluoride gel to strengthen the enamel.

To schedule a professional dental cleaning, schedule an appointment today. If you have any oral health questions, please contact us. Dental Partners of Boston is proud to serve the extended community surrounding Boston.

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