How Oral Health Affects Your Entire Body

Woman in dental chair: Keep your mouth healthy and you keep your body healthy

Great oral health gives you a bright smile and contributes to your confidence and sense of well-being. White teeth are beautiful and while treatments like Boston teeth whitening can provide that look, the health of your smile is important, too.

Did you know that there is a direct connection between your dental health and overall health? Poor oral health affects your entire body, not just your mouth. Here is how dental health conditions can cause problems in the rest of your body.

How Oral Bacteria Spreads

Microbial communities in the mouth are known to influence our general health. Plaque is a bacteria film that sticks to the surface of teeth. Many bacteria species contribute to the buildup of plaque. If plaque has time to spread, it will eventually get into the gum line. The resulting inflammation and infection is known as periodontal disease.

This harmful condition does not remain localized in the mouth; it spreads under the gums and creates ulcerations. Anaerobic bacteria thrive in these conditions and can get into the bloodstream and affect the rest of a periodontitis sufferer’s body.

Diseases That Plaque Worsens

The inflammation that periodontal disease results in is due to an immune response. However, if the infection goes untreated for too long, the inflammation becomes chronic. The pathogenic bacteria that cause periodontal disease can travel to many other areas of the body besides below the gum line.

Researchers have found connections between periodontal disease and dozens of other diseases. Premature births, heart issues, and diabetes are some of the conditions that periodontal disease may worsen or even cause.

In addition to your at-home flossing and brushing routine, visiting your dentist twice yearly for a cleaning enables you to stay on top of caring for your oral health. Practicing good oral hygiene is essential to preventing periodontal disease.

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