Is Activated Charcoal Safe For Teeth?

A pile of activated charcoal for teeth
New trends are popping up for a quick and easy way to whiten your teeth. One that has been creating a lot of buzz recently is the use of Activated Charcoal during your daily brushing routine.

It’s simple enough, just replace your toothpaste with the new Activated Charcoal substance and see results almost immediately. Some see improvements in the whiteness of their teeth after just one use. That is great news, right? Wrong. There is a downside to using activated charcoal on your teeth.

The dentists at Dental Partners of Boston want you to understand what the risks of these new trends can do to your healthy teeth. It is always wise to consult with a qualified dentist before trying anything that is not considered a normal part of your brushing routine.  

Can Activated Charcoal Damage My Teeth?

Activated Charcoal is unsafe and it can damage your teeth to a level that can only a dentist can fix. It is correct that the abrasive compound can scrub and remove stains and plaque from your teeth.  But, it can also strip away the important enamel barrier that protects the interior of your teeth. It’s almost like rubbing sandpaper across your teeth.

The material smooths and polishes your teeth during the whitening process, but heavy usage can lead to permanent damage. Activated Charcoal should not replace your daily brushing routine. Additionally, it should not be an alternative to traditional toothpaste. The more you use the charcoal the more you could be stripping away necessary layers of enamel. This can cause more problems that are worse than stained teeth.

Dangers of Activated Charcoal

Possible problems of using Activated Charcoal can include:

  • Severe Damage To Tooth Enamel
  • Exposed Dentin
  • Extreme Tooth Sensitivity

In fact, some of these dental problems can actually cause your teeth to appear yellow and discolored instead of whiter. These issues are not easily treated, especially by a new trend. The best way to fix issues caused by Activated Charcoal is to consider teeth whitening and cosmetic dental corrective procedures. Some of these procedures can cost more than you want to spend. Save yourself the money and the trouble.

What Options Are There To Get Whiter Teeth?

If you are serious about having a whiter smile, schedule an appointment with cosmetic Dental Partners of Boston. They are professional cosmetic dentists with decades of experience in cleaning, maintaining, and fixing teeth. They are experts in the newest and most innovative teeth whitening procedures. Some of these procedures include repairing and replacing damaged and discolored teeth. In extreme cases, they may suggest dental implants or veneers.

Contact us and find out more information about your cosmetic dentistry options or schedule an appointment.  

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