Dental Implants: A Wise Investment

There have been a lot of great dental treatments invented over the years. However, a lot of people would argue that dental implants are one of the best treatments today. Dental implants replace a tooth or teeth that have fallen out or need to be removed due to a traumatic injury or tooth decay. Read on to discover some of the different reasons why a dental implant is a wise investment. 

Prevent Bone Loss

Dental implants prevent bone loss, which is a good enough reason on its own. If you have trauma in your mouth or missing teeth, your jaw bone will begin to deteriorate. This is because the tooth root is not there to apply pressure to the area as you chew. This tells your body that bone is no longer needed in that area and reabsorbs it. This can eventually lead to the loosening and loss of other teeth. This is why dentists and periodontists highly recommend dental implants as a solution to tooth loss. The implants look and function as natural teeth and fuse with the jaw bone. Instead of the jaw becoming weaker, it will strengthen. 

They Will Look Amazing!

Another benefit associated with dental implants is that they look great. People often say that the first thing they notice about another person is their smile. Most people would agree that it is much better to have a dental implant than to have a missing tooth. You will feel confident about your smile instead of feeling like you need to hide it. 

Not As Expensive as Some May Think

A lot of people rule out dental implants because they deem them to be too expensive. However, they are a lot more affordable than they once were. Plus, a lot of dental clinics offer payment plans so that you can split up the payments into manageable amounts. 

Provide Better Functionality Than Dentures

If you replaced missing teeth with dentures you would not get the same level of functionality that dental implants provide. As any person who wears dentures will attest, having an appliance that does not fit properly is not a good experience. Dentures can have aesthetic issues if they don’t fitt properly. They can also have added expenses for upkeep and limitations in terms of what you can eat with partial dentures. 

There are a lot of benefits that dental implants provide. It is not hard to see why this has become such a popular treatment for many people today. If you need to have dental implants, choose an experienced and reputable dentist. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our award-winning dental implant doctors.

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