Halloween Candy & Cavities

Assorted Halloween candy in a clear bowlHalloween can be a really fun time of year. Adults, and children, can enjoy dressing up as spooky ghosts, silly monsters, or a favorite movie character. But of course, don’t forget that Halloween is a time of year when there are lots of treats and sweets almost anywhere you go which are very tempting. If you are worried about how to keep your oral hygiene habits up during this sweet time of the year, the team at Dental Partners of Boston has you covered.

Everyone deserves some candy here and there. During Halloween, you’re going to want to enjoy some of those sweets as well. But, to mitigate some of that damage that can be caused by lots of candy, we have some helpful suggestions:

Tips for Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene and healthy mouths During Halloween

1: Brush away the treats with good brushing and flossing habits

Brushing properly is important to prevent tooth decay. After you, eat some candy, make sure to brush and floss. Use good brushing and flossing habits such as using short, gentle strokes and holding the brush at a 45-degree angle towards the gum line.

2: Making a plan

All good things in moderation decide to eat the candy slowly over time or to set a limit on, use the treats as a reward after you have completed a difficult task, or share some of your candy with a friend, co-worker, or family member. There isn’t one right answer, but making a plan can lead to better, smarter choices for your candy intake.

3: Another idea is to swap candy for a healthier snack

If you feel the urge to have more candy, when you know you have already had enough, look at an alternative snack like a piece of fruit that is still sweet, but also has the vitamins and nutrients that can help you stay healthy. This is also important as the cold season is here.

Schedule an Appointment

After the sugar rush of Halloween, it doesn’t hurt to stop by our dental office in Boston for a check-up. Schedule a teeth cleaning or exam with Dental Partners of Boston at a time that works best for you. Also, ask our dentists questions about oral hygiene habits during your visit, we are happy to help.

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