What Does LANAP Stand For?

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LANAP: Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. The new standard for treating gum disease.

Unfamiliar terminology can cause fear in patients ahead of their dental treatments. For this reason, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with some terms to settle your nerves regarding potential dental work. LANAP is a term that you may have encountered if you are facing gum disease treatment. So what exactly does it mean?

What Does LANAP Stand For?

The acronym itself stands for Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP). It is a type of dental therapy that has been available since 1994, becoming increasingly accessible and advanced over the past 25 years.

The surgical procedure is primarily used to treat periodontitis, focusing on restoration rather than resection. This treatment is commonly referred to as LAR (Laser-Assisted Regeneration) or LANAP-LAR.

LANAP isn’t available to all sufferers of periodontitis, which is why a periodontist needs to assess the situation to make the best recommendation for the patient’s particular situation. However, the majority of gum disease cases can receive LANAP treatment.

LANAP vs Traditional Gum Surgery

LANAP has become a popular treatment choice for many reasons. Not only has the treatments become more accessible and affordable over the years, but incentives include:

  • Does not require a scalpel, sutures, or cutting the gums to reduce the pocket-size of the affected gums and jawbone. As such, the gum line is less likely to become compromised by gum recession.
  • LANAP is less painful than traditional surgery due to the use of lasers instead of cutting the gums. Aside from less discomfort, this can put a patient’s mind at ease.
  • Treatments are rarely followed by medication while the selective removal of tissue also means there is less tissue to heal. Patients are back to their best in no time.
  • Periodontists can make far more accurate predictions about the outcomes due to the highly advanced technologies and ultra-accurate procedures.
  • LANAP has long-term results, restoring function and appearances for the patient through regeneration processes that will last a lifetime. It can also save teeth that may not have been possible in the past.

How LANAP Works

LANAP treatments are FDA-cleared, allowing you to feel assured the procedure is safe and will provide optimal results. It encourages true periodontal regeneration through new bone growth and tissue reattachments. To do this, it uses a specialized PerioLase MVP-7 laser. This laser has seven settings to target the inflamed gums without causing damage to healthy gum tissues. It also enables the body to recover naturally.

Gums can restore and regenerate by removing the unhealthy tissues, which will subsequently allow new healthy tissues to grow. When followed by the right oral hygiene and aftercare, patients can reap the rewards for an entire lifetime.

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