The Power of LANAP in Boston’s Battle Against Gum Disease

LANAP helps with gum disease: Woman in dental chair smiling.

Gum disease is a powerful ailment that has been shown to affect nearly half of all American adults. It gives people bad breath, damaged gum tissue, and even loose or missing teeth. Over time, periodontal disease can even allow bacteria to damage the underlying structures that hold the teeth in place. Bone loss causes changes in the shape of the face. Fortunately, there is a modern treatment that has been proven to be effective against gum disease: LANAP in Boston.

LANAP: A Powerful Tool In the Fight Against Gum Disease

LANAP, which stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, is a treatment where a laser periodontal probe is placed in the gingival pockets to remove bacteria and diseased tissue. The type of light emitted by the LANAP tool is absorbed by melanin and hemoglobin but shines through water and dental enamel—destroying diseased tissues while protecting healthy tissues. These pulses have also been shown to destroy bacteria below the surface of the gum tissue, preventing recurrent infections. LANAP tools can also help create a protective blood clot around the tooth, which speeds healing.

Benefits of LANAP

  • More Comfortable for Patients: Laser gum treatment in Boston doesn’t require incisions or stitches. This makes the procedure a lot more comfortable for patients. Also, since LANAP is a stitch-free procedure, patients have less to worry about during recovery.
  • Faster Procedure with Fewer Visits: LANAP is also a lot faster than traditional treatments for gum disease. It requires only two 2-hour visits with the Dental Partners of Boston. In fact, the treatment time for LANAP is about half of what it is for traditional gum disease treatments.
  • Beautiful Results that Last: Since LANAP is less invasive, it allows patients to enjoy great-looking, effective results immediately following treatment. Long-term studies on LANAP have shown that the treatment remains effective for 95% of patients 5 years after their initial procedure.
  • Treatment for Everyone: LANAP is also safe for patients with a variety of health conditions that could preclude them from traditional gum disease treatments. LANAP can be used to treat patients with hemophilia, HIV, and even diabetes.

Are You a Candidate for LANAP?

If you suffer from gum disease, you are likely a candidate for LANAP. LANAP treatment is customized for each patient, meaning the procedure can treat mild to severe cases of gum disease. For more information about LANAP, schedule an appointment with Dental Partners of Boston.

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