The Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays

Dentists depend on x-ray images to view and diagnose dental issues that can’t be seen just by looking in your mouth. And just like film and video cameras have made the switch in recent years from conventional film to digital, digital x-ray imaging is becoming the standard for dental practices across the country, including dentists in Boston. But is this newer technology really better? For many reasons that matter to both dentists and patients, the answer is yes.

What are the advantages of digital x-rays?

  • Less exposure to radiation. Radiation is often among patients’ top concerns. Digital imaging exposes the patient to 70% less exposure than film imaging. Plus, digital x-rays usually require fewer retakes due to poor exposure, bad positioning, or other issues, ultimately decreasing the amount of radiation exposure even further.
  • Images ready immediately. Digital images can be viewed within seconds of being taken, whereas film requires several minutes to be developed in a darkroom before it can be viewed. This is helpful not only because it saves time for dentists and patients, but it can also be useful to dentists who need information during dental procedures.
  • Digital enhancement. With the easy-to-use software included with digital radiography systems, it is possible to quickly enhance x-ray images. Changes can be made to the image’s size, contrast level, or brightness level, which in some cases may make a problem easier to see and diagnose. It also makes it easier for patients to see problems when viewing their own x-rays with a dentist.
  • Easier storage. Images can be stored on a computer rather than in physical form at the dentist’s office. Also, having a digital x-ray image transferrable via computer makes communication between different dental and orthodontic offices easier—which comes in handy if a patient has to be referred from one doctor to another.
  • It pays off in the long run. While the cost of digital imaging equipment may be higher upfront, digital radiography is less expensive and more environmentally friendly (resulting in less chemical waste) in the long run.

Dental Partners of Boston is dedicated to safe and cutting-edge care, which is why we offer digital x-rays. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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