LANAP: Advanced Periodontal Treatment for Restoring Gum Health

Dr. Guzman, DPB Periodontist, treats gum disease and places dental implants.

When it comes to treating periodontal disease, Dental Partners of Boston is proud to offer LANAP (Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure). LANAP is an innovative, minimally invasive treatment that effectively targets and treats gum disease, helping patients regain optimal oral health. In this blog post, we will explore LANAP and discuss who is an ideal candidate for this groundbreaking periodontal treatment.

What Is LANAP?

LANAP is an FDA-approved laser-based procedure designed to treat gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. Unlike traditional gum surgery, which involves cutting and suturing the gums, LANAP utilizes a specialized dental laser to gently and precisely remove diseased tissue while leaving healthy tissue intact. The laser also stimulates the regeneration of supporting bone and tissues, promoting a faster healing process.

Who Is A Good Candidate for LANAP?

Patients with Periodontal Disease

LANAP is specifically designed to treat moderate to severe periodontal disease. If you are experiencing symptoms such as swollen or bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, gum recession, or loose teeth, you may be a good candidate for LANAP. Our skilled periodontists will conduct a thorough examination and determine if LANAP is the most suitable treatment option for you.

Patients Seeking Minimally Invasive Treatment

LANAP is an excellent option for patients who prefer a less invasive alternative to traditional gum surgery. The laser technology used in LANAP offers precise and targeted treatment, resulting in minimal discomfort, reduced bleeding, and faster recovery times compared to conventional surgery.

Patients Looking for Effective Gum Disease Treatment

LANAP has proven to be highly effective in treating gum disease. The laser targets and eliminates bacteria and infected tissue, promoting gum reattachment and stimulating the regeneration of healthy tissue. LANAP also helps reduce pocket depth, which is crucial for maintaining gum health and preventing further progression of periodontal disease.

Patients Seeking Long-Term Results

LANAP not only treats existing gum disease but also supports long-term oral health. By addressing the underlying cause of periodontal disease and promoting tissue regeneration, LANAP helps to stabilize the gums, reduce the risk of tooth loss, and improve overall oral health.

Consult with Our Periodontal Expert Today!

If you suspect you have gum disease or have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, it’s essential to seek prompt treatment. At Dental Partners of Boston, our experienced periodontist, Dr. Sergio Guzman, is skilled in LANAP and can determine if this advanced treatment is suitable for you. We are committed to providing personalized care and helping you achieve optimal gum health.

Contact Dental Partners of Boston today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Guzman and learn more about how LANAP can restore your gum health and improve your overall oral well-being.

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