On-The-Go Tips to Fight Tooth Decay

The best way to remove plaque from your teeth is to brush them with a toothbrush and toothpaste regularly, and of course to come see us at Dental Partners of Boston, among best dentist in Boston. However, it is not always possible or practical to rush home and brush your teeth, or to carry a […]

Dental Anxiety: Stop Fearing the Dentist

Does anxiety around dental appointments hold you back from seeking the dental treatment you need ? Your worries might arise from thinking that the dental appointment might hurt. If it’s been a while since your last check up, you might worry that your teeth are not healthy and that the dentist will say you need […]

5 Tips for Whiter Teeth

Everyone loves the look of a perfectly white smile, but achieving that appearance can be tricky. Cosmetic dentistry provides the following tips to help you to not only make your teeth a little whiter, but also keep them that way. 1. Attend Regular Dental Checkups During a dental checkup, the dentist uses tools to remove […]

Oral Health, Dental Care, and Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes a considerable number of changes in a woman’s body. Almost every part of the body is affected in some way. The mouth and the teeth are no exception. Oral and dental health can be made more complicated by pregnancy. How Pregnancy Affects the Mouth During pregnancy, the body’s production of hormones undergoes major […]

Oral Health is Impacted by Social Isolation

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, scientists, the media, and individuals have been concerned with the effects of social distancing and isolation. During the worst phases of the pandemic, people were urged to stay at home as much as possible to avoid coming in contact with the virus or spreading it. Here at Dental Partners of […]

Meet Our New Partner, Dr. Sarah Kim

Dr. Sarah Kim is a new prosthodontist at Dental Partners of Boston. What is a prosthodontist? A prosthodontist is a dentist who graduated dental school and then completed at least three additional years of advanced training and education in a prosthodontic program. They specialize in cases that require restoring missing teeth. Background Dr. Kim earned […]

Meet Our New Partner, Dr. Jose Rivera-Zayas

Dr. Jose L. Rivera-Zayas is a great addition to our team made up of some of the best dentists in Boston. Join us at Dental Partners of Boston in welcoming him. Dr. Rivera-Zayas is a seasoned prosthodontist. Prosthodontists are dentists that have graduated dental school and gone on to complete additional years of specialized education […]

Planning a Complete Smile Makeover

When you feel self-conscious, shy, or embarrassed of your smile, it affects your whole life. You deserve to enjoy the happiness that comes with looking and feeling confident in your teeth. A complete smile makeover is a perfect way to create a whole new you that will shine through every grin. Not sure where to […]