The Benefits of Regular Dental Exams

A man gets regular dental checkups in Boston
A man visiting the dentist for a dental checkup

Nearly 50% of Americans have some form of mild to moderate gum disease.  This is unsurprising seeing that over one-third of Americans don’t visit their dentist annually. The benefits of regular dental exams extend beyond detecting the early stages of gum disease. Dental exams usually include a professional cleaning, current X-rays, and help the dentist find any overlooked problems like cavities or loose teeth.

Professional Cleanings

The importance of a daily dental regimen at home can’t be emphasized enough. Regular dental examinations go hand in hand with at-home oral care. Visits to the dentist allow for a hygienist to professionally clean, floss, and polish the teeth. During the cleaning, the hygienist will remove plaque, the main cause of tooth decay. An instrument called a scaler reaches around the gum line to remove tartar and plaque, which can eat away at the tooth if not removed. Professional cleanings also help fight against persistent bad breath.

Detecting Problems

Research has demonstrated a link between overall health and oral health. For example, in some studies, periodontal disease has been associated with heart disease and stroke. Regular dental cleanings allow your dentist to catch early symptoms of periodontal disease. By doing so, the dentist can create a treatment plan with you before the disease becomes more severe. If left untreated, periodontal disease can result in tooth decay and ultimately tooth loss.

During your visit, the dentist may take current X-rays of your mouth to check for unseen dental problems. Visits also allow the dentist to assess the health of the gums, any loose teeth, the need for fillings, or if you have a cavity.  Over time, all of these issues could develop into large-scale oral health and overall health problems. 

Establishing a Relationship

Dental emergencies happen, that is why it is important to have a relationship with your dentist so they understand your unique situation. Regular dental exams will allow your dentist to be acquainted with your dental concerns, financial situation, and oral history. In the case of a dental emergency, your dentist will have a better understanding of how to proceed with treatment.

Schedule a Dental Exam

At our dentist’s office in Boston, MA, we understand that oral health is connected to overall well-being. Regular dental visits will keep your smile clean and polished while helping you feel confident in your oral health. To keep your smile at its best, we recommend you schedule a dental examination twice a year. At Dental Partners of Boston, our dentists look forward to serving you.  

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