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DURING YOUR 6-MONTH CHECKUP, you thought we were just checking for cavities, didn’t you? Well, there’s way more to the exam than that.

We know that sometimes you have a hard time talking while we’re checking around in there. But while you’re struggling to communicate, your mouth is telling us a lot. Not just about your oral health, but about your whole body. Here at Dental Partners of Boston, regular checkups can catch and even prevent serious diseases.

Most Diseases Have Oral Tip-Offs

Did you know that as many as 90% of diseases have oral manifestations? Even bad breath can be a sign of kidney disease or respiratory infections. Here are some other diseases that we can see in your mouth first.

  • HIV: Usually the first sign is a red line around your teeth, or thrush (a white film on your tongue).
  • Acid Reflux Or Bulimia: Frequent occurrences of stomach acid kicking back into your mouth can weaken your teeth, which might be pitted or visibly thinner.
  • HPV: Often the first indicator of HPV is sores in the mouth.
  • Oral Cancer: We have technology that detects very early, invisible signs in the mouth. Be sure to ask about our oral cancer screenings.
  • Osteoporosis: X-rays of your teeth can show the areas of dead bone before you even recognize the signs elsewhere.

Some Health Problems Are Caused By Bad Oral Habits

And then there are some health problems that don’t just have oral manifestations, they could be caused (or exacerbated) by poor oral health.

  • Heart Disease And Endocarditis: There has been a lot of research lately about the link between heart disease and oral health. Read more about it on our blog.
  • Pre-Term Labor: Pre-term labor is 7x more likely in women with poor gum health.
  • Lung Conditions: Gum disease can contribute to diseases like pneumonia.

So remember regular checkups are not just important for your teeth, but for your whole body! Make sure to call us if you’re due for an appointment.

 Thanks for the trust you place in our practice. We appreciate you!

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