The Importance of Replacing a Missing Tooth

Elderly man with displease look. Caption: Neglecting a missing tooth can have far-reaching consequences

WHETHER IT HAPPENED ON THAT TUESDAY AFTERNOON when your game of catch resulted in your first missing permanent tooth, or you have been secretly missing that molar for the past five years, Dental Partners of Boston can help.

The Effects of A Missing Tooth On Your Overall Health

Many people assume that missing teeth are not health risks because they only affect appearance and speech. However, choosing not to treat a missing tooth can actually create many health problems.

Bone Re-Absorption

In the space where the tooth is missing, bone cells reabsorbed causing the jaw bone to reduce in volume and deteriorate. This may lead to facial collapse, which makes your face look prematurely older.

Misaligned Teeth/Jaw

The rest of your teeth shift closer to the gap, causing misalignment and an incorrect bite. This can also loosen other teeth.

Problems Eating

Fewer teeth make eating the foods you love more difficult, especially those crunchy veggies and chewy proteins. This may lead to bad nutrition and an unhealthy decrease in caloric intake, impacting your immune system.

Psychological Effects

If the missing tooth/teeth are visible to others, there may be a drop in confidence, causing a decrease in social activity.

Dental Implants Can Save You From These Problems

Today, we have many different options that can prevent any damage to your jaw, diet, or psyche.

In fact, at our office, we can even perform immediate dental implants with either our Teeth in One Visit Treatment or our Teeth in an Hour Treatment.

Contact us today for a consultation and an experienced Dental Partners of Boston implant dentist will be happy to show you how you can have a healthy and beautiful smile.

Thanks for being a valued part of our practice.

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