Our Endodontists Know Your Teeth From The Inside Out

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IF “ENDODONTICS” IS AN UNFAMILIAR word to you, here’s a hint: it comes from the Greek “eno” (within) and “odous” (tooth). Endodontists treat the inside of your tooth.

Teeth are made of three layers. There’s the hard enamel on the outside, the slightly softer dentin right beneath that, and then there’s the pulp—the sensitive inner layer of nerves and connective tissue.

Endodontic Therapy, Also Known As…

Most commonly, treating the pulp of your tooth means root canal treatments. Before you cringe and turn away, let us tell you about our microscope-assisted endodontics.

A really deep cavity or a cracked tooth can actually kill the pulp of a tooth. Dead pulp will cause a huge amount of discomfort and sensitivity, which is why “root canals” have such a bad name. But the treatment itself doesn’t have to be torture. Especially when we have our highly specialized technology helping us along.

Our Microscopes Give Us Superhuman Vision

Microscope-assisted endodontics means that smaller, more precise instruments can be used with great accuracy. Between magnification and lighting, our endodontics team can see better than the naked eye ever could to move around existing tissue and remove the problem. The benefit for you is comfort and safety. During endodontic therapy, we remove the bad pulp, clean the hollow space, and fill the tooth with a sort of filler cement.

Without this treatment, a dead root turns into a lost tooth- but only after an extended, painful period. With endodontic therapy, you get to stop the pain and keep your own tooth, which is always the best option.

So if you have a toothache plaguing you, don’t keep it to yourself! Treatment doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Our specialists can get in there and take care of the problem with total precision and care.


If you have any questions about your own teeth or our procedures, let us know. Give us a call or leave a comment.

As always, thanks for being our valued patient.

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