Sedation Dentistry Can Be The Big Difference

RECENTLY, SOMEONE IN OUR PRACTICE OVERHEARD a person (NOT one of our patients!) compare dental visits to washing dishes—you don’t like it but everybody knows that it needs to be done. Well, in response, may we suggest an analogy of our own?

What if every time there were dirty dishes you could simply snap your fingers and they would be scraped, washed, dried, and back in your cupboard?

Although it doesn’t work quite so miraculously, sedation dentistry DOES work in much the same way for many people who have trouble going to the dentist—with results that “feel” faster (and really are faster).

Sedation dentistry has proven helpful to many of our patients, for a variety of reasons, and for a number of different procedures. Sedation dentistry often helps people feel like their visit lasted only a few minutes—when in fact, it may have lasted for hours.

There are many different kinds of sedation dentistry. The dentists here at Dental Partners of Boston work with you to determine what’s best for your particular situation. In some cases, sedation can be much like anesthesia during surgery. But more often, sedation doesn’t actually put you completely out. Most patients who choose sedation dentistry are awake, functional, and responsive.

One of the biggest benefits of sedation dentistry is that procedures that typically take multiple visits can be accomplished in one visit—saving you a lot of time, hassle, and stress. And obviously, the second biggest benefit is that patients who experience dental anxiety can better relax, resolving their fears or worries.

We are very proud of and confident in, the sedation methods we use. We are on the leading edge of this service—continually updating our skills and techniques.

Learn more about sedation dentistry by scheduling an appointment or giving us a call. Or, next time you’re in our office, visit one of us for more details. We look forward to helping you, a loved one, or a friend better understand if sedation dentistry is for you.

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