5 Simple Habits That Help Get Rid Of Plaque

A STICKY SUBSTANCE KNOWN AS PLAQUE is formed when bacteria in your mouth, along with sugars from the food you eat attach themselves to your teeth. If plaque stays on your smile too long, it can harden, become tartar, and lead to oral and even general health problems. Your team at Dental Partners of Boston is providing the following tips to help you avoid the negative effects of plaque:

Five Simple Habits That Help You Get Rid Of Plaque

  1. Brush softly, twice a day. If it doesn’t sit too long on your teeth, plaque can easily be removed with gentle brushing. So don’t forget to brush!
  2. Floss the areas your toothbrush can’t reach. Flossing helps remove the plaque that’s in between your teeth and at your gumline. Antibacterial mouth rinses also help.
  3. Go to your regular dental visits. Our team can help find and remove any plaque that you may have missed. Remember, you need professional help to remove plaque that has hardened and become tartar. Professional cleanings help prevent cavities and gum disease.
  4. Eat toothbrush foods. Certain foods like crunchy vegetables and unpeeled fruits actually help remove plaque. They’re good for your oral AND general health!
  5. Go easy on the sweets. Sugar helps plaque form. The bacteria in your mouth also breaks the sugars down into acids that can damage your smile. Sugary snacks and sticky foods are really bad for your smile, so eat them sparingly.

Be Prompt And Consistent

Remember, the key to removing plaque is promptness and consistency. Clean your teeth soon after eating and never skip your oral hygiene routine or regular dental visits! If you have additional questions about removing plaque or your oral health, please contact us.

Thanks for being our valued patients!

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