Periodontal Disease? You Can Still Keep Your Teeth

A FEW WEEKS AGO we told you to floss in order to prevent gum disease. But what about those patients who are already experiencing advanced periodontal disease? After a certain point, flossing no longer does the trick, and it may seem like you’re stuck in a slow—or not so slow!—progression towards tooth loss and dentures.

New Technology Can Save Your Natural Teeth And Gums

Well, here at Dental Partners of Boston, we have new technology that helps us to take care of advanced periodontitis. LANAP, or laser periodontal surgery, gives us precision that we never had before. Using the laser, we can gently pull back the gums enough to access the deep pockets hiding bacteria, and get rid of the bacteria and the diseased tissue without hurting your living gums.

Some Advantages Of LANAP:

  • Healing time is shorter than in other periodontal surgery
  • You get to keep more of your own gums
  • There’s no cutting or stitches
  • Patients get consistently great results

Check out this video to understand more about how LANAP works:

This procedure offers hope for people who thought that they had run out of options. If you’re confronting gum disease, contact us. Our periodontal specialist, Dr. Guzman, can help determine how far your periodontal disease has advanced, and what level of treatment will be best for you.

Thanks for trusting our team with your care.

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