Do You Have Questions About Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Student sitting next to a tree studyingDID YOU KNOW THAT HERE at Dental Partners of Boston, we take care of wisdom tooth surgeries? We often get questions from patients who wonder if extraction is right for them.

What You Should Know About Third Molars

Since wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) erupt after the age of 18, after the jaw has stopped growing, they can pose problems that other teeth don’t.

  • Often, wisdom teeth only partially erupt, which can carry a large risk of infection and discomfort.
  • Inaccessibility can make brushing and flossing tough.
  • Some wisdom teeth grow at a slant. This puts pressure on your other teeth, even before the wisdom tooth has emerged.

Not everyone will need their wisdom teeth removed. However, if you keep your wisdom teeth, they will require frequent checks and maintenance, since the risk factors are still high. We’ll want to catch any infection or decay early.

What You Can Expect

Our team of oral surgeons is well-experienced in wisdom tooth removal. Most procedures take about an hour in our office. We’ll consult with you beforehand to determine whether wisdom tooth removal is right for you, and to create a plan for your procedure.

Here’s A Handy Video Explaining More About The Procedure:

Having Third Molar Surgery from on Vimeo.

If you have any questions, let us know. If you (or your child) are approaching “the age of wisdom,” ask us to take a look and determine whether third molar surgery is recommended.

Thanks for being an awesome part of our practice!

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