Four Things Everyone Should Know About Soft Drinks

AS YOUR TRUSTED BOSTON DENTIST, we’d like to speak out on a topic that has major relevance to your oral and overall health.

Do You Like Soft Drinks?

Lots of people love to sit down to a Coke every now and then, and honestly, we don’t think that’s a problem! However, our team has noticed that many people have misconceptions about soda.

The effects of soda on your entire body are complex, but the effects on your oral health are pretty straight forward. Too much, too often can wreck your teeth.

Four Things Everyone Should Know About Soda:

1. Even diet soda can rot your teeth. It may not have the sugar, but it has as much (or more) acid as regular soda.

2. Sip all day, get decay. If you’re sipping on soft drinks throughout the day, your mouth never has the chance to recover from the acid bath. When you drink soda, we recommend that you drink it all at once, not in sips throughout the day.

3. It’s a major factor in tooth sensitivity. One in eight adults suffers from frustrating tooth sensitivity. In many cases, this is due to enamel worn thin by an acidic diet.

4. Brushing right after a Coke can hurt your teeth. Your teeth are feeling pretty vulnerable right after that soda, and brushing can scrape off the softened enamel. So help your mouth rebalance with a swish of water, some cheese, or some sugarless gum, and wait about 30 minutes to brush.

No Need To Change Your Diet, Just Be Smart

We’re not saying you have to cut soft drinks out of your diet! However, use moderation, and keep these factors in mind so that your teeth can stay bright and healthy.

If you have any questions about your oral health, please let us know. As your trusted health partner, we want to help you stay informed for better health and quality of life.

Thanks for your trust in our practice. We appreciate you!

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