Dental Anxiety? Sedation Dentistry May Be The Solution

IT’S NO SECRET TO US HERE at Dental Partners of Boston that there are a lot of people out there who just don’t want to see us. Dental anxiety is so common that it has its own name: odontophobia. Now despite the awful cliches, we dentists are not all bad. We treat our patients with the utmost care and consideration.

So what’s really getting to people? Let’s do some troubleshooting:

The Most Cited Cause Of Dental Anxiety

Pain is the most-cited cause of dental anxiety. Your mouth is a sensitive place. And one bad experience can make you avoid dentists for life. The good news is that new technology and techniques have made painful dental visits a thing of the past. Our team does whatever we can to make you comfortable and pain-free.


Yeah, it’s awkward having someone’s hands in your mouth. You may feel even more uncomfortable just because you’re vulnerable and in a place with unfamiliar sights and sounds. But we promise to always treat you with courtesy and respect. Get to know us better, and our practice will be a more welcome sight to you.

The Rumors

Let’s be honest, a horror story is more fun to hear than a story about a pleasant dental visit. Bad stories spread and good ones don’t. If you’re wary of dentists because of things you’ve heard, talk to us about it. We can give you the straight story about what to expect from a procedure.

If You’re Struggling With Dental Anxiety…

Now, if you’ve tried all the tips in the book and you’re still struggling with dental anxiety, talk to us about sedation dentistry. With a simple oral sedative before your appointment, you can be more relaxed, and we can take care of your dental work more efficiently.

Do you have questions about sedation dentistry? About any other aspect of your treatment? Feel free to contact us. We love talking with patients about their concerns.

We know that dental anxiety is hard to overcome, and we appreciate your trust!  

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