Simple Routine Checkups Can Make A Big Difference

Dentist looking at the camera while woman gets dental cleaning in the background
Caption: Healthy teeth need maintenance both at home and in our office. Keep your bite at its best by scheduling regular dental cleanings.

Have you been tempted on occasion to cancel or postpone your regular 6-month checkups? It’s OK to admit it. We’ve all been tempted to do so. It’s probably because—regardless of your insurance situation—checkups feel like an “expense”, right?

The Truth Is, Checkups Save You Money (and Hassle)

In reality, studies show that preventive care typically SAVES you money over time by helping you avoid far more serious (and expensive) treatments down the road.

You already know the value of regular oil changes for your car. It’s the same principle. The little investment every few thousand miles helps your vehicle run better for years longer than it would otherwise—AND helps you avoid much larger, more costly repairs.

The remarkable dentists and team members here at Dental Partners of Boston can make it possible for you to keep your teeth for life—a huge benefit that your ancestors didn’t enjoy. In the “old days”, people just assumed that they would end up with false teeth when they reached their fifties or sixties. But today, the key to keeping your teeth for life is regular maintenance. It just takes a little bit of preventive dental care.

What Does a Dental Checkup Involve?

Typically, dental checkups twice a year include:

Looking for Tooth Decay

Old fillings and other treatments need more frequent examination and x-rays than untouched teeth. The more dental restoration that’s been done in the past on a specific tooth, the more attention it will need over time. If there’s microscopic space between the tooth structure and the filling it can result in decay. Catch this early to avoid losing the tooth.

Checking for Changes in Soft Tissue

Checking for signs of oral cancer is a huge part of your routine checkup. Did you know, according to the oral cancer foundation, that the death rate for oral cancer is higher than other cancers that you hear about such as cervical cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and others? Don’t take the risk.

Examining Your Bite

An unbalanced bite can not only damage your teeth but also wear on your joints and cause arthritic problems. Your bite should be checked to be sure that teeth are in harmony with each other.

Checking for Gum Disease

Gum disease is the #1 reason people lose teeth. It’s often called a “quiet destroyer” because it progresses slowly causing inflammation and regression in your jawbone that supports your teeth. Without checkups, by the time you notice something wrong, it may be too late.

Examining Your Breath

Sure… It’s not a subject we like to talk about. Problem is, many people are unaware they have bad breath. And plaque (not what you eat) is the most common cause of this condition. Our team can help.

Don’t Wait…Really!

Don’t wait until something hurts. Visit with our practice. We love to hear from you. Mom was right—an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

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