Boston Dental Cleanings and Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene is extremely important for your health. Like most Boston dental practices, Dental Partners of Boston recommends that our patients schedule regular professional dental cleanings. Our dental cleanings include tartar removal, plaque removal, teeth polishing, and home care instructions. As always, Dental Partners of Boston's friendly staff, comfortable environment, and exceptional professional care makes us one of the best dentists in Boston.

Dental Cleanings and Oral Hygiene
Daily Oral Hygiene & Regular Professional Dental Cleanings Keep Your Entire Body Healthy.

What Is A Dental Cleaning?

Tartar and plaque inevitably build up on teeth over time. If plaque and tartar are allowed to accumulate for an extended period, it can allow for dangerous bacteria to grow and flourish next to the gums. This can cause lasting damage, like cavities, or cause gum disease which negatively affects your oral health. A dental cleaning is the process of removing this harmful buildup to leave your teeth’s surface smooth. A clean healthy tooth stops bacteria from developing. After a professional dental cleaning, it's easier to maintain the health of your teeth and gums with home oral health care.

Is A Dental Cleaning Necessary?

Dental cleanings are right for nearly everyone, and Dental Partners of Boston recommends that all of our patients schedule regular dental cleanings. If you are apprehensive about getting a dental cleaning, please speak to one of our trained dentists about your worries. Our staff is trained to help ease your concerns and provide a supportive environment to ensure that each patient receives the oral health care they need. A dental cleaning provides the following benefits:

How is a Dental Cleaning Performed?

A dentist or a dental hygienist performs a dental cleaning by using several instruments that remove the tartar and plaque deposits on the teeth. We sometimes employ ultrasonic instrument to loosen larger pieces of tartar from the teeth, and wash away any debris throughout the process with water. After removal of the larger pieces, a set of finer hand tools are used to remove any remaining deposits on the teeth. Then, once the surfaces of the teeth have been smoothed, a polishing tool is used, followed by an application of fluoride gel to strengthen the enamel.

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If you’re looking to schedule a professional dental cleaning, you can make an appointment today. If you have any oral health questions, please contact us. Dental Partners of Boston is proud to serve the extended community surrounding Boston.