Your Front Teeth Can Help Create A Beautiful, Youthful Smile

OUR TEETH GO THROUGH A LOT, especially our two front teeth. All that biting, chewing, and grinding can really take a toll on our smiles—and the hard truth is, worn down or damaged teeth can really age your face.

At Dental Partners of Boston we want you to look young and healthy. That’s why we have a variety of procedures to keep your smile in tip-top shape. Let’s go over a couple of them!

Veneers Look Natural And Are Long Lasting

Worn down front teeth can affect the fullness of your face and heighten facial sagging. As you age, the chewing surface of your teeth shortens. This can give your face a collapsed look. Customized Veneers from Dental Partners of Boston can help you maintain a youthful appearance by restoring the volume to your face.

Aging can also change the balance of your teeth. When you’re young, your two front teeth are longer than surrounding teeth. With time, your front teeth tend to wear down to match your bite. Chiseled or sawed down teeth upset the balance of your smile and thus your face. Veneers can lengthen your front teeth and help restore balance.

Dental Crowns Hide Imperfections And Increase Comfort

Any type of dental imperfection—especially misshaped, misaligned, and discolored teeth—can make you look older. Dental crowns cover and protect cracked or imperfect teeth and can increase your comfort and improve your smile.

Maybe you have old crowns with black lines by the gums. Don’t they make you look a lot older? We can replace them, and quickly. Your crowns (and veneers, for that matter) can be created in as little as one office visit!

With our help, you can have lovely front teeth that enhance your other features and help you look younger! Call us or write to us on Facebook to schedule an appointment.

We appreciate the trust you place in our practice!

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