What You Snack On Can Affect Your Smile

beautiful woman eating a donut and holding a cup of coffee.

WE ALL KNOW THAT SUGARY SNACKS can be bad for your waistline and smile. But there are healthy snacks, too, that you might not even know are hurting your teeth! Here are a few tips from our team here at Dental Partners of Boston to keep in mind the next time you reach for a snack.

Think About The Texture Of The Snack

Soft foods are more likely to cause dental problems because they get stuck on and in between your teeth. Something like a banana, which seems like a healthy choice, may be bad because it’s more likely to stick and coat your teeth.

Sugary Drinks Increase Cavities

Drinks like juice and soda can increase the risk of cavities. Sugary drinks coat your teeth in sugar, fueling the bacteria that causes cavities. These drinks can also increase the acidity of your mouth, wearing down your enamel.

Beware Foods That Stick To Your Teeth

When we say things that stick to things to your teeth, we mean the obvious foods like caramel, but also the less obvious things like pretzels, Oreos, and crackers. When we snack on crackers they tend to stick in the grooves and crevices on the surfaces of our teeth. This food can mess with the acidity levels in our mouths and provide food for oral bacteria.

To Avoid Damaging Your Teeth, Make Smart Snacking Decisions

Many patients have excellent nightly dental care, but still have problems with cavities because of snacking habits! Snack wiser by putting these tips into action!

First, always wash down your snack or sugary drink with a glass of water. This will help clean out your mouth and produce saliva. Secondly, pick snacks that have lots of scrubby fiber, like apples, carrots, or celery. These foods tend to be crunchy and clean your teeth as you eat. Finally, if you know you are going to be snacking on something sugary, floss and brush your teeth afterward to get rid of any remaining food particles.

Any Questions? Ask Us!

If you have any questions about snacking, feel free to contact us and ask about foods that are healthy for your teeth.

Thanks for being great patients.

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