Dentures? There May Be A Better Option

IF YOU’VE EVER EXPERIENCED A lost tooth, you know how much of an impact it can have. When your teeth aren’t working right, your entire quality of life is compromised. So what about when several teeth are missing?

Sure, you have the option of dentures. Today, dentures are custom-fit and designed to suit your mouth and your face. For many people, dentures may be the ideal solution. However, dentures do demand some changes in your habits and lifestyle, and you might find yourself having the following troubles:

  • You can’t eat the foods you want.
  • You find dentures uncomfortable.
  • Talking is more difficult.
  • You feel self-conscious.

That’s why we offer a permanent solution for tooth loss here at Dental Partners of Boston. People from all over New England come to us to receive full upper or lower jaw replacement. We know that it sounds drastic, but you’d be surprised at how straightforward the process is.

The Process Of Jaw Replacement

The process is just like implants: we set a few implants in your jaw which actually fuse to your existing jawbone. These implants are completely secure and permanent and once they’re in place, we can attach custom overdentures, which are designed to perfectly suit you.

See The Results In Your Life

If you’re suffering with ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures, talk to us about the difference that a full jaw replacement can make in your life. New, permanently attached dentures will function just like your natural teeth. You’ll no longer have to sacrifice your favorite foods, or need to deal with loose and inconvenient dentures.

Our team specializes in knowing your entire mouth, and that’s why we’re able to make the process of full upper or lower jaw replacement safe and satisfying for our patients.

If you’re interested in full reconstructive work, set up a consultation today. We can answer all of your questions and determine whether you’re a good candidate.

Thanks for the trust you place in our practice. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment! 

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