Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We at Dental Partners of Boston would like to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. This time of the year is filled with fun family get-togethers, days away from the office, and of course, big meals. Unfortunately, the holidays can also be filled with dental damage if you aren’t careful. Your Boston dentists want you to be able to enjoy your holiday, which is why you should read these tips for preventing dental problems during Thanksgiving.

Tips for Preventing Dental Problems During Thanksgiving

    • Pack a Toothbrush and Floss: You might feel silly bringing your toothbrush to Thanksgiving dinner, but a quick brush after dinner can help you to whisk away food particles and bacterial acids before they have the chance to do any damage to your teeth. Pack a toothbrush and some dental floss and sneak away to the bathroom after dinner to brush and floss. In addition to keeping your teeth clean, you will also be able to enjoy better breath for the evening.
    • Swish Water After Dinner: If you don’t want to worry about brushing and flossing, consider simply swishing water in order to dilute the bacterial acids in your mouth. Swishing water can help to rinse away food particles and to keep bacteria from attacking your enamel, which can help you to prevent long term damage.
    • Limit Snacking: Studies have shown that acid attacks can occur for as long as 20 minutes after you finish eating, which is why snacking is so damaging. If you snack all throughout Thanksgiving day, you could end up subjecting your teeth to hours upon hours of dental damage. To protect your teeth, limit eating to mealtime.
    • Watch Out For Hard Foods: Hard foods like hard candies, toasted breads, and bones can cause dental damage like fractures, damaged dental work, or even cracked molars, which is why you should avoid foods that aren’t easy to chew.
    • Pay Attention to Color: Highly pigmented foods like cranberry sauce, red wine, and brown gravy can leach through your enamel and leave behind discoloration. If you are concerned about keeping your teeth white and bright, avoid heavily colored foods.

For more information about protecting your teeth from your holiday meal, make an appointment with the clinicians at Dental Partners of Boston.

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