Dental Partners of Boston – A Full Service Dental Practice

Two dentists walking down a hall. Caption: A full service dental office in downtown Boston.

At Dental Partners of Boston, a comprehensive team of skilled dentists and specialists have partnered to provide full dental services, all from one practice, lcoated in the heart of downtown Boston. In all, twelve doctors are committed and available to ensure that each patient is provided with proper care, treatments, and solutions to meet every dental need. From general dentistry to specialty dental care, this varied team of partners has a dental practice fully equipped to provide excellent and inclusive dental services.

Each partner holds the degree of D.M.D. which is Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry, or sometimes Doctor of Dental Medicine. The level of education and clinical training required to earn this degree is on par with those of medical schools. Three or more years of undergraduate education is requisite, plus four more years of dental school is required to graduate and become a general dentist.

General dentistry encompasses a patient’s regular check-ups and exams in addition to preventive measures to avoid damage from decay, disease, or even trauma. The aim is to maintain the health and function of one’s teeth. A general dentist will also use restorative procedures to repair the effects of oral maladies such as these.

When a general dentist chooses to continue their education, the dentist becomes a specialist in a particular aspect of dental care. At Dental Partners of Boston, each doctor has pursued and achieved additional credentials to that of D.M.D. For example, general restorative services include tooth-colored fillings, dental crowns, dentures, or dental bridges. Editional credentials could include services such as dental implants, LANAP laser treatment, oral surgery, periodontics & gum therapy, and prosthodontics.

Further, dental specialties include full-mouth reconstruction and cosmetic dentistry. Examples of cosmetic dentistry include complete smile makeovers, teeth whitening, invisible braces, and lumineers. Additionally, botox helps relax muscles of the jaw when patients present with TMJ pain. TMJ treatments also include TMJ appliances.

It is a unique conglomeration of skills combined with the highest consideration and attention to detail that is Dental Partners of Boston. A truly full-service dental practice. Call or Contact Us today for an appointment.

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