Dental Care During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman eating a saladQUALITY DENTAL CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF YOUR TEETH ARE VITAL WHEN YOU’RE PREGNANT. Not only is gum disease linked to birth defects such as prematurity, but pregnant women are prone to more oral health issues of their own during those important nine months.

When pregnant, women usually experience more issues with gingivitis and gum problems because of the radical hormone changes. In addition, gums can be more easily irritated, causing inflammation and/or bleeding.

Remember… although hormones do increase the potential for dental problems, plaque is still the underlying cause of most gingivitis problems. This means that carefully maintaining your oral care can significantly reduce potential problems; constant attention better ensures a healthy mouth during your pregnancy.

So, what can you do to ensure you maintain YOUR oral health, and YOUR BABY’S health, during pregnancy?

The first advice we’ll give is probably exactly what your doctor has been advising you about—eating healthy! Consuming foods with a high sugar content can cause plaque and gingivitis for anybody, but the effects can easily be exaggerated during pregnancy.

It’s important to keep your scheduled dental checkups while you’re pregnant to be sure problems don’t arise. The very best time for these appointments is between the fourth and sixth months of pregnancy. This window is an important time in the baby’s development—and it’s suggested that dental appointments be done BEFORE the last trimester because of added stress during that time.

Everyone wants to stay healthy during their pregnancy to help ensure that their baby will be healthy as well. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the best way to do this. Let us know that you’re pregnant when you contact us so we can best assist you. Be comfortable in knowing that your oral health and your baby’s health are in the best hands.

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