Dental Bridges Are Important For Your Health And Beauty

IF YOU’RE MISSING A TOOTH (or teeth), you may be hesitant to smile. At Dental Partners Of Boston we have a service that can put the grin back on your face: dental bridges.

Dental bridges are a natural looking way to replace missing teeth.

Bridges Help To Maintain Your Beauty

Over time, missing teeth can affect your jaw and facial structure and can alter the way you look. Replacing lost teeth can help to maintain your facial tone and shape. With a dental bridge you can get your smile back, along with the confidence needed to show it off.

Bridges Are Good For Your Dental Health

Dental bridges help prevent bite and chewing problems. If you’re missing teeth on one side of your mouth, it’s likely you tend to chew on the opposite side. This can be damaging to both your teeth and jaw, and can even lead to TMJ disorder.

Bridges Allow You To Speak Properly. Believe it or not, teeth are an integral part of speech. To properly pronounce words, your tongue pushes against the back of your upper teeth. If those teeth aren’t there, it can be difficult to speak correctly.

Bridges Keep Your Teeth In Place. A missing tooth creates space for other teeth to shift. By filling in empty space, a dental bridge can help prevent unwanted movement in neighboring teeth.

Ask Us How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Make YOU Smile

Imperfections in your teeth can make it uncomfortable to smile. At Dental Partners Of Boston we have extensive experience in smile reconstruction. It’s our job to help you be proud of your smile, and we love our job. Contact us today or take a minute to review our many services.

We appreciate you!

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