Defy Age With Your Smile


IS YOUR SMILE KEEPING YOU young, or is it aging you? A genuine smile, especially when it’s well-taken-care-of, can have a powerful impact on your life.

Simply Smiling Can Make You Look Younger

For instance, check out this study. In Germany, men and women were asked to judge the ages of people in 1000 photographs. Those photographed were wearing smiles, frowns, and neutral expressions. While the age of those with neutral expressions were judged fairly accurately, people who were smiling in their pictures were usually estimated to be younger than they actually were.

So the lesson here: one of the best, easiest things you can do to look younger is to simply smile!

Ways Your Smile Gives Away Your Age:

What do you do, though, when your smile itself ages? Well, the biggest giveaways can be counteracted with good home care, and trusted procedures from our team here at Dental Partners of Boston.

1. Staining

Over time, tiny cracks appear in your tooth enamel. This makes stains from things like cigarette smoke, red wine, and coffee much more pronounced.

Surface stains like this can be lifted with some professional whitening from our office—whether you choose to do a quick Zoom! or BriteSmile in-office procedure, or a home whitening system.

 2. Gum Disease

Your risk of gum disease increases with age, usually due to reduced salivary flow and decreased immune function. So keep flossing, and if you’re seeing signs of gum disease (like puffy or bleeding gums) talk to us about ways to combat it before it develops further. Advanced periodontal disease can cause shifting and lost teeth, and nothing will age you faster than that.

3. Lost Facial Volume

Did you know that some cosmetic dental procedures can work much like a facelift? Your face shows aging effects because it’s lost supportive structure. By using veneers or bonding, we can build up dental support for your cheekbones and your lips, giving your face a more filled-out, youthful appearance.


If you have any questions about ways to improve your smile, and keep it looking young, ask us!

Keep smiling, and keep your smile healthy.

Thanks for your trust in our practice. We appreciate you!

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