When to Consider Arch Replacement

archAn arch replacement is when all the teeth on the lower or upper part of your gums are replaced fully by dental implants. A full upper arch replacement signifies that dental implants are being attached to the upper portion of your mouth while the full lower arch replacement is for when dental implants go in the bottom portion of your mouth. Besides full replacements, there are also partial replacements if you have some teeth left that can be utilized as a foundation. Dental implants act as excellent alternatives to regular teeth and offer a way for patient’s to improve their quality of life. For a patient who has lost their teeth, an arch replacement can benefit them in the following ways:

  • You can eat, speak, and function just as if you had natural teeth.
  • An arch replacement offers a stable solution for missing teeth; lasting you your lifetime.
  • Your facial appearance will be preserve and bone loss in your jaw will be prevented by receiving an arch replacement.

IMAGES_0007529_1Arch Replacement Treatment

  • Step 1) Prior to the procedure, our dentist needs to determine the extent of the work and prepare the patient for it through any necessary pre-procedure treatments.
  • Step 2) The replacement for the tooth roots, the dental implants, are then placed in the upper, lower, or both arches of the mouth depending on the need of the patient. Temporary teeth are placed in the implants at this time.
  • Step 3) The final bridge for the teeth then has to be installed in the patient’s mouth.
  • Step 4) Any final touches, like ensuring that the teeth for the dental implants are permanent, are then performed. The result: the patient has a happy, functioning full set of teeth again with the full arch replacement.

When is it Time for an Arch Replacement?

Receiving an arch replacement is a financial and time commitment, but if it is right for you, it is highly recommended that you pursue the treatment plan for it. To know if it is truly time for an arch replacement, you’ll want to come in and receive an assessment to be sure. However, there are some signs that would suggest that you might be a candidate for an arch replacement. If you have lost all or the majority of your teeth, then an arch replacement is highly recommended. Please contact us to schedule a consultation; we are happy to answer all your questions.

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