Modern Orthodontics Has More To Offer

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MANY PEOPLE IN THE BOSTON AREA have considered getting braces now and again, but hesitate to take the plunge, discouraged by stories and memories of old-fashioned braces. Well, here at Dental Partners of Boston, we’re excited to let you know that the days of awkward braces are over!

Modern materials make it so much better than the 70’s orthodontia people remember. Today, orthodontic treatment is:

  1. Less painful
  2. Much quicker
  3. Less visually noticeable

New Technology Makes Modern Orthodontics Better:

New material for arch wires: One really cool new material is nickel-titanium for archwires. It was developed by NASA with shape-memory properties that adapt instead of losing elasticity after a few days. Nickel-titanium gives you softer but steadier movement throughout the weeks between your orthodontic appointments.

Better brackets: Today, we also have smaller, stronger, and less visible brackets.

Imaging technology: We can make more efficient treatment plans, thanks to advanced imaging technology, which allows us to predict your tooth movement.

You Can Also Get Less Conspicuous Options

Lingual Braces: Our practice offers lingual braces to those who would like to avoid the more visible aspects of orthodontic treatment. With this method, brackets and arch wires are placed on the inside of the teeth, instead of the outside.

Invisalign: You also have the option of using clear aligners. Following a particular treatment plan, we’ll give you a series of tooth trays that gradually guide your teeth into a straight, beautiful smile.

Contact Us With Any Questions

Don’t hesitate about braces! Our practice has all the new technology and techniques you’ll need to build your perfect smile. Schedule a consultation and see which options will be right for you.

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