Learn How Our Doctors Are Helping Fight Diabetes

THIS YEAR, OUR VERY OWN DR. GUZMAN WAS FEATURED IN A COMMERCIAL hosted by the Massachusetts Diabetes Education Program (MDEP) Coalition.
 The members of this unique coalition play an important role in diabetes management, education and prevention.

Pharmacists, podiatrists, optometrists, and dental care professionals (PPOD) like Dr. Guzman work together with primary care providers to ensure that diabetes care is continuous and patient centered. These special PPOD professionals provide appropriate treatment for those with diabetes, refer them to other health professionals if necessary, and educate them about the disease so that they can practice self-management and receive proper care.

“If you have diabetes it’s important to know your blood sugar level, blood pressure and cholesterol, and to review your medications with your pharmacist each year. It’s also important to bring all your medicines and visit your optometrist and podiatrist at least once a year and your dentist every six months, to avoid serious, diabetes related health problems such as blindness, foot amputations, drug interactions and heart disease.”

If you have a history of Diabetes in your family, learn about the ways you can prevent diabetes, and make sure visit our practice regularly for routine checkups. We’d love to do all we can to help. 

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