Is A Sports Guard Right for You?

sportsCustom-made mouth guards are the most effective form of protection for your teeth during sports. Most athletic activities carry some risk of injury, and the danger to your teeth in particular can be severe. Dental Partners of Boston offers personalized, custom-fitted sports guards to ensure that your teeth remain undamaged.

What activities require sports guards?

Mouth guards are an essential piece of equipment during contact sports such as football, soccer, ice and field hockey, lacrosse, basketball, boxing, and martial arts. Anyone participating in these activities should have a well-fitted mouth guard and should wear it every time they play. Injuries are also possible during other non-contact athletic activities like gymnastics, skateboarding, and mountain biking, and the use of dental guards during these activities is strongly recommended.

Do I need to get a custom mouth guard from my dentist?

The best choice for any dental appliance is one custom-fitted for you by your dentist. Over-the-counter mouth guards are available but do not have the same close fit and therefore do not provide the same degree of protection that a custom sports guards does. Dental Partners of Boston provides quality mouth guards tailored to you, the best choice for protecting your teeth from damage.

Do I really need a sports guard?

The consequences of playing without a mouth guard can be painful and expensive. A tooth lost due to a sports accident can lead to lifetime costs of $10,000 or more, as well as the risk of causing other dental problems. These teeth can require multiple restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental implants, and even full mouth reconstruction if enough teeth are damaged. There is a strong risk of dental injuries when playing without a mouth guard; damage to the teeth is the most common injury to the face and mouth sustained by athletes participating in sporting events. The American Dental Association estimates that in high school and college football programs alone, roughly 200,000 injuries each year are prevented by the proper use of mouth guards. In short, a properly fitted sports guard is the best insurance against the cost, inconvenience, and pain of dental trauma. Call our office today or request an appointment online so that Dental Partners of Boston can help protect your teeth.

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