Where Can I Find A Dental Implant Surgeon In Boston?

What is a Prosthodontist? Is there one in Boston?


A dentist who specializes in dental implants and performs dental implant surgery is known as a Periodontist. Periodontal dentists go through years of additional training that qualifies them to perform advanced procedures.  They are dental practitioners who have a significant amount of expertise in the avoidance, detection, and treatment of periodontal diseases, and in the installation of dental implants. Periodontists are additionally, specialists in the treatment of oral infection like gum disease and inflammation. Periodontists get in-depth training in these procedures, including three extra years of instruction beyond dental school. Our in house Boston Periodontist Dr. Sergio Guzman stays up to date with the most recent strategies for diagnosing and treating gum disease among other oral ailments.

Periodontists often treat more problematic periodontal cases, such as those with severe gum disease or have a more complicated medical history. During your first visit, the Dr. Guzman usually reviews your complete medical and dental histories. It is essential for the dentist to know if you are on any medications or if you are is being treated for any condition that can affect periodontal care, such as heart disease, diabetes, or pregnancy. Be detailed and thorough while explaining your history.


When it comes to dental implant surgery, it matters who you chose to fix your broken or missing teeth. Skill, experience and the most modern up to date equipment make up the difference between a good dental implant and an excellent dental implant. As Dr. Guzman puts it, “Implants have to be done right the first time, and finding a skilled doctor is the key!” The skill and expertise of our team are supported by our partnership with some of the worlds leading manufacturers of implants, ensuring that you get the best material available for your implants.

Dr. Guzman and his team at the Dental Partners of Boston were ranked as a top dentist in Boston, Massachusetts by Expertise. With over 40 years of combined service to the Boston area, our community has come to trust  Dr. Guzman and his team. Their experience and knowledge produce long-term results that have kept our clients happy for many years.

Our team at Dental Partners of Boston, have received certification by the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics and the Hispanic Dental Society as well as being awarded Diplomate status by both the American Board of Prosthodontics and American Board of Periodontology and have also been recognized with the Schwartz Center Compassionate Healthcare award.


The saying that you get what you pay for is certainly true when it comes to tooth repair and replacement. The National Institute of Health recently completed a study revealing that on average, over 80% of dental implant patients are “very satisfied” with the overall experience and results of dental implants.  The dental implant option offers a host of impressive benefits. This means that they can actually pay for themselves over the long run in more ways than one. Here are a few reasons why our team and our patients love dental implants.

  • Durability: Dental implants often last a lifetime with proper care and cleaning while the alternative to dental implants, dentures, generally only last about five to seven years. Not only do they last longer but they are tougher and can handle a more normal diet than you can usually eat with dentures. 
  • Protect Jaw Tissue: Dental implants also offer another powerful benefit, they help to protect your jaw tissue. Because dental implants are anchored into the bone, they give that tissue the stimulation it needs to stay healthy and strong. Without this stimulation, your jaw bone can slowly melt away, which can affect your other teeth and make it harder to have dental implants placed in the future. 
  • Maintain Face Shape: An often unknown or overlooked aspect of missing teeth is that not having those teeth can change the look of your face. This is called bone resorption, and dental implants prevent bone resorption. They will help maintain your faces healthy bone structure. Without our dental implants, your face shape will slowly change, which can leave the lower half of your face looking caved in due to the absence of your natural teeth. 
  • Avoid Embarrassment: Dental implants are designed to look completely natural and beautiful, leaving you with a smile that you will make you love smiling. Also, since dental implants are non-removable and fixed in place, you won’t have to worry about them slipping or falling out. 
  • Simplify Your Routine: Alternatives to dental implants can be complicated, especially when it comes to changing your daily routine to care for them properly. What our patients love about dental implants is that proper care for them is very similar to how you would care for your real teeth. Little to no change from your daily routine is required. 
  • Improve Your Self-Esteem: You may have spent years thinking that the smile of your dreams is now out of reach due to your broken or missing teeth. Thanks to dental implants, your smile can be as good or better than new, giving you a smile you will love and be proud of!


With unique treatment options and in-house specialties, Dental Partners of Boston is honored to be recognized as one of the top dentists in Boston. Contact us at either of our offices: The Prudential Center: (617) 841-8463 or Charles River: (617) 648- 9403 and schedule an appointment with them today. Our team of experienced dental professionals can’t wait to help you with dental care that is designed specifically for you.

Dr. Guzman and our team at Dental Partners of Boston has made improving your oral health simple, accessible, and convenient to our patients in the downtown Boston area. With extended office hours available at both The Prudential Center and Charles River Center, our dental patients get excellent care and service that works with your schedule.


If you’re interested in getting dental implants to replace your missing or broken teeth, call us today to schedule an appointment so we can answer any questions you might have about dental implants. Our expert and caring staff would love to give you the smile of your dreams!

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