What Causes Dental Implant Failure?

A Dental Implant

There are many options out there for patients who have lost their teeth. Replacing lost teeth isn’t what it was, given that there was a time when wooden dowels would be hammered into place (we’re talking hundreds of years ago!). Now, we have the options to choose removable dentures, with others choosing dental bridges. These options are less expensive than others, especially when you compare them to dental implants. However, investing in dental implants is just that – an investment. It’s an investment in your dental health, and they provide you with a solution that is dependable and can possibly last a lifetime.

If you are searching for a more stable tooth replacement option, you should consider dental implants. With Dental Partners of Boston, you will be treated with the utmost care and respect while we assess whether dental implants are a good tooth replacement option for you. They stimulate the jawbone to stop the deterioration of the bone, and they are the closest thing that you can have to natural teeth – in looks and in action. Dental implants in Boston have success rate of 95% – but there is a small percentage where a dental implant fails.

A Rare Rejection

It is very rare for dental implants to fail. There are cases out there, though, where the implants have failed, and the reasons behind it vary case by case. Implants are very rarely rejected, but it is essential to acknowledge that – albeit rare – it does happen. As dental implants are created with titanium, they are entirely able to integrate with the bone. This is called osseointegration. The implant will act in the same way the root of a natural tooth would, and so any issues with rejection usually occur with a bodily reaction.

Causes Of Dental Implant Failure


Despite the way that osseointegration occurs, some patients have reported complications in the past. Once the implants are placed, there is a couple of months required for healing, and this is vital for the success of your implants. If any bacteria enters the site, soft tissue can form, which causes instability of the implant, increasing its possibility of failure.


Another contribution to implant failure is smoking, and cigarette smoke is already well-known to cause issues with the gums. If you want implants, it’s advisable to stop smoking to ensure their health.

Post-Surgical Infection

When you have implants installed in your gums, you need to follow the advice of the dentist you‘ll be working with so that you minimize the possible infection.

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If you are looking for dental implants in Boston, contacting Dental Partners of Boston is essential. Dental implants are a proven solution to replacing your missing teeth, and with the support of decades of research, we are confident in the dental implants that we use. Speaking to our team can ensure that your first step in the journey towards dental implants is a smooth one!


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