Can Poor Dental Health Increase The Chance of Depression?

In an age of unlimited research, there are so many topics and items that are being discussed that had not been addressed before. One item that has been brought up a lot more in recent years are how our physical health affects our mental health.  There have been some very interesting pieces of research recently that have covered have embraced virtually every aspect of my life in one way or another. Of course our interest is in the area of dental health,  and there is a lot of ongoing research into how the condition of our mouths can affect other parts of our bodies — both negatively and positively.  The topic of this article is how our oral health can potentially cause depression.

Depression Affects Many Of Us

In the past few years you perhaps have noticed that many people you know are starting to become more open that they suffer from some degree of depression. From working in the medical field we see how many various medications our patients are prescribed. Patients are taking a myriad of anti-depressant medications.  It does make some of our Boston Dentists if their might be any correlation between mental health and oral health.

Some Scientists Did Ask That Question

Researchers in Geelong, Australia looked into the correlation between oral health and depression. They gathered very interesting data from more than 10,000 patients. They found that when they considered poor dental health and depression that a patient with more dental conditions had greater or more severe depression.

For the study, researchers utilized data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.  It showed that 61 percent of the participants who reported depression also reported the presence of oral pain over the past year.  Also more than half of the study participants reported that they considered their own oral health to be only in fair or even poor condition.

While there has not yet been extensive study into the context of poor dental health and its correlation to mental health, this study does provide a “snapshot” so to speak that will open the door for further investigation. 

Perhaps, down the road, we will see some significant innovative therapies and even preventative interventions be born from this research.  In the meantime, please don’t neglect your mouth. 

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