Immediate Dental Implants

Patients who’ve lost teeth because of injury, gum disease, or another reason know the distress of losing the beautiful aesthetics of their natural smile as well as the trouble of trying to eat or speak properly. Dental implants have become a revolutionary solution for missing teeth, but the traditional process can take up to a year for the implant to completely integrate with the bone. Luckily, Dental Partners of Boston offers the next step in dental implant technology. Immediate dental implants can provide new teeth in a single office visit.

Immediate Dental Implants
If you qualify for immediate dental implants, you could go home with a fully restored smile after just one appointment.

What are Immediate Dental Implants?

Dental implants act as a replacement for the roots of your teeth. They provide a solid foundation for crowns, permanent fixed bridges, or dentures. Typical dental implants take several visits and long healing periods to reach full function, but with immediate dental implants you can have the procedure done in a single office visit through a revolutionary process that utilizes 3D printing technology. Here is a short list of some of the advantages to utilizing immediate dental implants:

Are One Visit Dental Implants Right for You?

Once we’ve assessed the state of your current oral health, we will be able to recommend an appropriate treatment option. A dental implant will likely be appropriate for you if you’re missing crucial teeth and wish to return aesthetics and functionality to your mouth. We will generally recommend one visit dental implants to most patients who’re going to receive dental implants. Occasionally, in the interest of risk management, we may recommend the longer implant procedure.

How Do You Place Immediate Dental Implants?

First, the area is prepared for the surgery, meaning any roots or teeth that need to be removed or altered must be taken care of first. From there, the titanium posts are placed and topped with bridges or crowns utilizing 3D printing technology.

Currently at Dental Partners of Boston, our implant dentists offer two systems for immediate-load implants:

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Dental implants are a great way to restore the aesthetics and function of your teeth. If you’re looking to make an appointment for a one visit dental implant, you can do so online or by phone. Additionally, if you have any questions regarding immediate dental plants or any other services offered by Dental Partners of Boston, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our trained dentists and professional dental team are proud to serve the greater Boston, MA, area.

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Sergio A. Guzman

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